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Smart balance wheel инструкция

It is a sport for recreation. You might be hurt by out of control, collision, or falling down while you are playing, please play it carefully. Please wear safety equipments before playing. Forbid to drive smart scooter in highway or motor road. Don't suggest pregnant women and disabled to play. Don't suggest people with heart disease, hypertension to play 6. Don't drive after drinking or drugging. Don't play while you are on a call or talking. Don't suggest to ride it in a wet road. Please unplug the charger before driving. Identification of Parts Electronic motor Pedal-Step on it to start the motor Axis Led lights- Light when the motor starts Tires Led of battery - Red if the battery is power off. If you are a freshman for this smart scooter, please play it carefully with a friend who help you not to fall down. Please search Coomatec smart wheel to on YouTube to know how to ride and step off. It is a good toy to play, not a transportation, and please don't play in the motorway. Who can play it well? Wear safety equipment 4. To protect the battery, please charge it when the power battery is low smart balance wheel инструкция play it after it is fully charged. Quick Start Step1 Keep two led of scooter forward and press ON button If the leds of battery and balance become green both, the smart scooter is ready. If led of battery become red, please charge. If led of balance become red, please adjust two parts to balance. Step2 Step on Step on one foot first to start the motor, and keep your body balance to step on the other foot. Step3 Relax your body The scooter moves forward or backward through your body lean forward or backward. The scooter turn right as you twist your left foot to right, and turn left as you twist your right foot smart balance wheel инструкция left. It will accelerate automatically while you move smart balance wheel инструкция same angle. Smart balance wheel инструкция Smart Self-Protection If the scooter moves forward over 10 degree, and is rolling over 30 seconds, the scooter will beep and stop. If the scooter move forward over 60 degree, the scooter will turn off automatically. If the power of battery is very low, the light of battery will flicker. If there is sudden acceleration, the scooter will beep for danger. Step4 Step off backward Keep scooter and your body balance and leave the scooter one foot backward, and then the other. If the smart scooter is not in balance, smart balance wheel инструкция will beep and please don't play until you adjust it in balance condition. Please play smart balance wheel инструкция on smooth road, and train yourself in open area. Don't play it in crowd until you are skillfully in starting, stopping, turning and climbing. If the Led of Battery becomes red while you are climbing or speeding playing, that is normal. Please don't continue to play in a low battery. Led Indicator Led of battery - Red if the battery is power off. Led of status- Red if the body is imbalance Led lights- Light when the motor starts. FAQ Coomatec Customer Service have uploaded videos on YouTube to teach buyers to solve kinds of problems. Please first upload to Dropbox or any other Cloud Storage Website if your videos are more than 10MB. One side of the board lights up green but the other side stays red so you just go round in a circle A: If the red Led is still on, please don't play it. And search How to reset Coomatec Balance Wheel to Balance on YouTube. We then charged the board and two hours after we have noticed that half of the board works and the other half doesn't? The scooter will not charge up. It looks like one of the pins in the charging port is missing 2 pins rather than 3. Can you please exchange smart balance wheel инструкция another please. A: Please contact our reseller smart balance wheel инструкция replacement to change another charging smart balance wheel инструкция. We can't charge it as the red led of charger comes on green but the Led of battery is still red. A: Please contact our reseller for replacement to change another charger. A: It is a motherboard problem, please contact our reseller for replacement of motherboard and search How to Repair the motherboard of balance wheel on YouTube. Both green lights are on. It just stopped smart balance wheel инструкция while I was riding it. It won't turn off and it won't do anything else. A: Please judge whether it is the axis or shell of friction. If the sound is from axis, it makes the turning smart balance wheel инструкция. If the sound is from shell, it works well. Please check whether there is loose screw in the back cover and screw it. It the sound is from tire, please adjust the tire and search how to adjust the tire of Smart wheel on YouTube. Battery When the power of battery is low, smart balance wheel инструкция smart balance scooter will not work. It is easy to fall down and damage if you insist on driving. And the life of battery will be shorten. Please don't use the battery in the following conditions: 1. Smell odor and overheat 2. If smart balance wheel инструкция need to deliver it via air, please contact us smart balance wheel инструкция UN38. Disconnect the charger from smart balance wheel 2. Clean with a soft cloth 3. Wash with splash water, but not immerse. Please fully charge it at least every 3 months 5. Don't open the scooter unless we tell you to follow our tutorial videos. Tel: 86-755-89370917 Service smart balance wheel инструкция Mon.

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